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Thank you for your interest in O’Neil Securities, Inc.

Our mission is simply to provide the best service to our clients and to be the best place to work for our associates.

Since 1963, O’Neil Securities (ONS) has been creating value for our clients by keeping their interests first, always. It means being committed to honesty, integrity, transparency, and teamwork – the ideals our firm was founded on and that continue to make us a great firm to work with today.

Having personally built trading desks on both the buy and sell sides over the past 23 years, I understand the requirements for desks to deliver added value to their enterprises and I am passionate about delivering solutions. At ONS, you can trust that everyone is passionate about doing the same for you, and doing it very well.

Our full-service, in-house trading capabilities allow us to assist clients with non-conflicted, and anonymous trade execution services, including share buybacks. We offer a range of payment options, including CCA or step-outs. Through CCA, you’ll receive high-quality executions on orders and the added benefit of satisfying payments for other research commitments.

Our unwavering objective is to help our institutional clients fulfill their goal of achieving the best execution, which ONS is able to do for a variety of reasons, including our team of seasoned traders, sophisticated electronic trading tools, extensive Street-side relationships, and liquidity resources.

ONS’s close relationship with William O’Neil + Company allows us to add greater value for our clients. William O’Neil + Company is a Registered Investment Advisor that helps many of the world’s leading institutional investment managers increase portfolio performance by providing timely—and time-saving—global buy and sell recommendations, customized independent research, and market advice. Their blended method of stock analysis reveals distinctive market insights that deliver actionable ideas across investing disciplines.

I hope the information on this website provides an introduction to the many services offered by ONS, and serves as a portal for the information you seek. As always, we stand ready to assist you in any way that we can.

Michael McCauley

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