Institutional Desk Trading

Modeled as an extension of a buy-side desk, William O’Neil Securities (ONS) is a trading desk focused on best execution. ONS provides an anonymous and cost-effective solution for access to the U.S. and Canadian equity markets via the NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ exchanges.

At William O’Neil Securities, your trades are carried out by industry veterans with deep market knowledge.

ONS is committed to using the latest technology and techniques. We have broad electronic capability to receive and route orders electronically to exchange market centers as well as ECNs, and have established essential market maker relationships. We have also expanded our capabilities to provide a growing number of algorithmic trading strategies in both listed and OTC stocks. Your trades are carried out by traders with deep market knowledge and experience. Combining the human element with advanced technology allows us to consistently achieve best execution. ONS is free of any economic constraints or embedded vendor relationships that might restrict how or where we trade. We do not trade proprietorially, so there is never a conflict with your best interests. We also offer you the convenience of paying bills via CCA or step-outs. Through CCA, clients receive high-quality execution on orders and the added benefit of satisfying other commitments. Contact us to learn more about how ONS can enhance the effectiveness of your trading desk.

NYSE Floor Trading

As a member of the New York Stock Exchange since 1964, our brokers/sales traders on the NYSE floor are attuned to every benefit they can provide, knowing both how and when to apply manual versus electronic technologies and strategies in a complicated electronic market structure.

Our sales traders on the NYSE have decades of expertise in the market and offer guidance and insight on every trade. Taken together, our team has more than 225 years of experience, an average of 27 years per trader. We emphasize that depth of experience because today it is fairly uncommon to have the opportunity to work with professionals who have traded through—and learned from—such a long range of market cycles. Using handheld technology that provides access to market information regarding all market participants, and combining it with real-time personal conversation and price discovery, you have access to pools of liquidity at market open and close—giving you a more dynamic, integrated market experience that combines 21st century technology (algorithmic solutions) with the benefits of human judgment.

We offer the rare opportunity to work with professionals who have traded through–and learned from–numerous market cycles.

Trading on the floor of the NYSE with ONS also offers these advantages:

  • Participate and capture meaningful liquidity on both the opening and closing.
  • Gain access to proprietary NYSE hand-held functionality—specifically D Quotes—which guarantees participation in the opening trades as well as closing trades right up until the final moment before the book is frozen.
  • D Quotes allow us to represent your interest without exposing intent.
  • We access market close information beginning at 2:00 p.m. ET, which allows us to provide added insight and firsthand guidance to you well ahead of the closing bell.
  • Gain first-hand access to book building information during IPOs.
  • Gain access to imbalances during Russell Rebalances, as well as quarterly quadruple witching imbalances.